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I broke the connecting piece on the machine end of my canist

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I broke the connecting piece on the machine end of my canister vacuum cleaner hose (Kenmore Model 116.22822200); you probably surmise that this is the male end that inserts into the cleaner mainframe. Sears parts says that this end connector for the hose is a separate item, and will sell it for $39.95. How do you get the old one off the hose, and by what means is the new one installed?
is this the piece thats broken? Pipe, connection you can go to this link to see close up. Part.pd?partNumber=8192376&productGroupId=0020&supplierId=116&brandId=x&documentId=P0304097&keySuffixId=NA&modelNumber=x&keyId=000002&pageId=00002&productTypeId=x&searchModelNumber=11622822200&backToLink=Return%20to%20part%20list&subCompDesc=Hose%20and%20attachments&brandDesc=KENMORE&modelDesc=VACUUM%20CLEANER you may have already found this on line and this may be no help but it looks like it has clips that hold it , you may have to release these clips to free it from hose, hope this helps thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I had already seen the picture you linked me to. The question is, how do you compress or otherwise manipulate the hose material to release the clips shown? A large visegrips, perhaps?
to be honest I've never had to replace one of these. is there a way to put small screwdriver in and push it down while pulling it out? the only other thing I can recomend is to bring the hose to a vaccume repair shop and they will probably get it off for next to nothing for you, most places will. afetr you get the old one out the new one should just slide and snap back in. let me know Bryan
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