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Appliance is Kitchen Aid Drum front load clothes dryer Model

Customer Question

Appliance is Kitchen Aid Drum front load clothes dryer Model No.KEYE700TALO SN:M81103991. Just ordered and replaced drum belt and idler pulley. Dryer worked like new for one drying cycle, buzzer sounded, clothes dry, like "as advertised". Washed another load and went to use the dryer, and it would not make even a sound. Looked over all electrical connections - secure. Removed thermal fuse (non resettable) checked with volt/ohm meter and fuse ckecks O K. Removed and reinstalled Electronic Cycle board, removed wires from most switch tabs and replaced them one by one. Removed new belt off motor pulley, still nothing, motor does not activate. There is not a smell that would indicate a burned motor or anything else being burned. Can you indicate anything in terms of 1 thru whatever, likely cause would be. Thank You B T Alderman
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Bernard S. replied 8 years ago.



Thank you for using Just Answer.


Check the door switch to be sure that it is completing the circuit with an ohm meter (dryer unplugged). Even it the light works ok, the other circuit may be bad.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We checked the door limit switch, and seems like both circiuts are working, I will be glad to check it again, but where after that?????
Expert:  Bernard S. replied 8 years ago.



Afterwards, you will need to work backwards from the motor. Starting at the motor do you have voltage? (I'm guessing that you don't). It sounds like either a loose wire or connection or a bad switch. You should have the schematic to trace this. This should have been inside or on the back of the dryer when you were taking it apart.


Let me know if you would like more information and/or clarification.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Bernard S.


Rechecked the door limit switch with volt/ohm meter, one section activates light, cks OK other section normally on when door closed, also cks OK, even made a jumper to connect wires direct eliminating the door switch, still no start on motor. When the timer is set to dry as normal, and you push the start button, there is a slight vibration from this switch, assume this is the relay built into this switch. There is very limited access to the terminals on the motor, and on this model, no removable side panel, you almost have to stand on your head. I have schematic that was located inside lower front panel and have traced most all wires and either checked and/or removed and reconnected all connections, favor your suggestion of bad switch, but logiclly which one.



Expert:  Bernard S. replied 8 years ago.

Hi BT,


Try this to test for the Even Heat Control Board -


Push and hold the start button to see if the dryer will start and stay on as long as you hold the button. If it does, then the Even Heat Control Board is the problem.


If not then....


Have you checked for voltage at the motor? What did you find? If you have voltage, check the relay on the motor and test the motor.



I have some information that will give you disassembly instrucitions and more. I have uploaded it for you. This will let you see how to get to all the parts to trace the schematic and test components.


When you go to the site to download do not use AOL. Use Internet Explorer or another browser because that site does not like AOL. Choose the "Free" option. After you download the file you will need to open it with Adobe or another application. You should already have that on your computer.



Sometimes, the site is a little glitchy. If you have difficulty, clean your temporary files and your hard drive, restart the computer and try again. It's definitely worth it to have the right information. You can go to the top right corner and save the PDF file to your desktop for easy access.



Please click here - Whirlpool Dryer


Let me know if you would like more information and/or clarification.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi again Bernie,


Holding down the "Push to start" button as you suggested, did no good, tried several times to no avail. Did go on to the site for disassembly instructions, very helpful, but it would have more assistance if they have a similiar site for troubleshooting help with just the electrical system, i.e. where to start (other than voltage at the motor) what to look for if the voltage is not present, what can you look for at the external servicable centrifugal switch,etc.


Thanks again for your patience I am having to attempt all this in between other jobs, which is reason for some delays



Expert:  Bernard S. replied 8 years ago.



Holding the push to start button was a test. I'm guessing that the test did not show a problem with that board (from what you have described).


The information I sent you wasn't a site. I uploaded it for you.


If voltage is not present at the motor then, trace the circuit back (from the schematic). For example - Is there voltage at the timer?


Is there voltage at the door switch? You have confirmed that it works already (from your post above).


When you trace the voltage back you will find a component that is receiving voltage and not sending it to where it should go. That component needs to be tested.


You must be very careful with what you touch because there is danger from the voltage. If you are not experienced with electrical circuits, find someone is has the experience.


Let me know what you find when tracing the circuit and testing and I can be more specific.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Bernie,


Problem Solved!!!! Bought new washer and dryer.


No further assistance required.


B T.

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