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my brand new gas fridgedaire front loading dryer makes a clicking

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my brand new gas fridgedaire front loading dryer makes a clicking sound. What is that?
HelloCustomer When does the unit make a clicking sound, all the time or just randomly?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
all the time.

Does the sound seem like it would keep in beat with the drum turning? And could you please give me your model number too.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i'm not at home now, at work so I don't have the model number with me. I'll call my husband and get it if important. The clicking sound is constant though. it's kind of a metallic sound. any ideas?

It sounds like it could be either the metallic tape used on the drum(might have a piece that is loose) Or it could be the lower glides. Or possibly the unit could be racked(dropped or cabinet warped or twisted). My suggestion due to the nature of the sound would be either set up a service call or talk to the store where you bought it since it's new. The unit is under a complete warranty and there could be something major wrong but honestly you shouldn't have to try and repair something that is brand new. at first i was asking the questions because i thought maybe it was something normal it doesn't sound normal at all now with your explanation. No reason for you to open it up to possibly void your warranty. I would schedule service(unless you want to return it) Sorry that may not be the answer you were looking for but in this case no reason to burden yourself with this. Hope this helps some.


Thank you,



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
model number GLGO2152EE2

Ok, the gas valve will make noises as it engerizes and de engerizes however it will does this randomly throughtout the cycle it will sound like metallic clicking. However it will not get quieter over time it will maintain this sound. From my understanding of what you said, It is making the noise all the time(that would not be normal) however mettallic clicking throughout the cycle will be. If this is what you have been hearing then it is normal but if it sounds like it is keeping a rythm with the drum turning i would call service. I hope this helps some. Sorry i may have misunderstood what you said earlier. I was going to explain this before but you siad it did it all the time. My misunderstanding.


Thank you,



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