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Bryan, Home Appliance Technician
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I have an Amana side by side model SXD23VW. I have good cooling

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I have an Amana side by side model SXD23VW. I have good cooling to the freezer evap coils-(good frost line) but evap motor does not start. I am getting 115v to both terminals. Defrost timer heats cal-rod and then shuts off. How do I restart evap motor? It was running yesterday, and turns freely.
if your get 110 volts to fan then unfortunately you need to replace it , these fans go allot . do you need a link to find part ? let me know Bryan, heres a link to supplier who is probably the cheapest around and wonderful to work with I run an appliance repair service and get most of my parts from him. the times to call are eastern times, but he will ship right then on the phone with you, hope this helps Bryan. link
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Dear XXXXX-on a recheck, I touched the terminals of my multimeter to the top main terminal, and to the ground terminal. With the meter set on OHMs, the motor started, ran a few seconds, then quit again. Would the defrost timer have any effect on this, and where does the yellow wire go to that disappears into the back wall of the fridge? Is there a fuse or relay aor temprature controller that controls the fan operations, or should I still replace the motor? Thanks, XXXXX
you may have a bad nutreul one this theres no fuse and if you touch your meter on the two main wires on fan with meter set on volts you should get 115 volts if you are check and make sure the connectors to fan are tight. maybe you have a loose wire. i really dont know what yellow wire is every machine is diffirent I'll try and look up diagram, thanks Bryan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Dear XXXXX: With the meter on volts and on both terminals, I get 115 volts. Touching each one and the other lead to ground- I get 115 volts. Connectors are tight, and the unit still doesn't start even after the connectors are wiggled in place. What now? Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX
you need a fan , inside the fan is shoting out and thats why it started the time you had meter on ohms. call that # XXXXX this fan is $80.00 on line but he has a fan called an sm999 super kit that is about half that and its a great fits just about everything except dc volt fans which you dont have so it should fit. ask him. hope this helps Bryan
Bryan and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you