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Tom Goellner
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Concerning a GE Performance Profile side by side

Customer Question

Concerning a GE Performance Profile side by side refrigerator, 1999. About a year ago, began having problems with icemaker line freezing up, once the ice bin is full. Small plastic tube and reservoir fill with water and then freeze. Water then blows back out of rear of freezer onto wall - that''s how we know it is frozen again!   To fix it we pull out the plastic tub, and defrost the reservoir.   What can we do to fix this recurring problem??
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Tom Goellner replied 9 years ago.


sounds like you're describing what happens when the water valve slowly oozes water when it should be 100% closing the water flow to the icemaker. pull out fridge and follow the house water line . it ends at this valve. if fridge is dispenser in door type,it's a double valve- - one for ecemaker and one for water in door but it is one part. hope this helps.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to tom goellner's Post: Hi Tom,

There are two water lines - one to the refrigerator where it goes through a filter and then over to the water dispenser. The second line goes to the freezer. The question is, why is the water freezing inside the freezer piping; what shuts off the water when you, for example, lift the bar so the ice maker shuts off? When we lift the bar, that doesn't help - water still comes in, and freezes in the piping and reservoir. Also, when the box is full of ice, it also "causes" the water to remain in the pipe and reservoir, and it then freezes. Is it a matter of simply replacing the tubing on the outside of the freezer, or something is broken on the inside?

Expert:  Tom Goellner replied 9 years ago.
the water valve shuts the water off to the icemaker it is a solenoid activated part. take the back off the fridge and you'll see it . it has a water line going to it . in your case it is coming from the water filter in fresh food compartment. this valve is opened for approx. 7 sec. to let water to icemaker after icemaker has harvested ice to freeze and start the cycle over and over until ice bin is full and the arm senses bin is full and then it quits.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Tom,

I went to,
FREEZER SECTION parts for model # XXXXX

and here's a diagram of the freezer:

The parts include several different solenoids...
trying to figure out from the diagram - if you can help, we can conclude our conversation!

Here's what I posted previously:

The water feed to the freezer is separate from the water feed that goes to the refrigerator/filter/water dispenser. On the back of the refrigerator you can see two water pipes on either side, teeing off of the copper line. So, water is coming in and freezing inside the plastic tube that goes from the rear of the refrigerator into the reservoir. Of course, once this happens and it is frozen solid, subsequent attempts to inject water result in water spraying all over the kitchen wall!By the way, the water dispenser works fine during these events, as it is a separate line and has nothing to do with the ice maker flow. (I realize this means that our ice cubes are not filtered.) So once the bin is full, water still comes in, and freezes.Since I only see a plastic pipe inside the freezer, and outside is where the plastic tube connects to the tubing, where is the solenoid valve? (inside or outside of the freezer) This, I realize, is the problem - whatever used to control the flow of water is no longer working - but I don't see where it is to replace the part. What does it look like?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
While Tom tried to be helpful, he didn't answer my main question - what specifically would cause the problem to happen, and how to fix it. So, I contacted GE repair service, and have an appointment for tomorrow, Mar.10. Thanks anyway.

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