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Nora, Expert in Fine and Decorative Arts: Renaissance through Contemporary
Category: Antiques
Satisfied Customers: 10546
Experience:  Liberal Arts BA College Degree, Post-Graduate Christie's Education in London, 10 Yrs Art World Experience in NYC, President & Founder own Corporation. Member AOA & ISA USPAP Compliant through 2017
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I am trying to locate information on a set of lithographs we

Customer Question

I am trying to locate information on a set of lithographs we own of castles. I am hoping the artists signature may be recognizable to you.Andrew
Submitted: 12 days ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 12 days ago.

Hello and welcome! My name is Doris.
I have been an antiques and art collector as well as dealer and appraiser for over 56 years.
I will be pleased to help you. Please know I do not send pop-ups. Thoughtful responses take time.

Photos are almost always required to give an accurate assessment.

Please send a photo of the signature alone.

You may need to use the macro function (flower icon) of your camera to get a good clear photo of the signature.

To send photos you may use the "add files" in the blue box link on your reply page or the "paper clip" found in the toolbar you see on your reply page.
Please do not send in ZIP format. The jpg or jpeg format works best.

An explanation of this method can be found here:

Kind regards,

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Doris, see if these help
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 11 days ago.

Thank you for the additional photos. I appreciate your patience.

I still am having great difficulty discerning the artist.

Are there other signature examples that you can send?

Several examples might help.

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 11 days ago.
There's only 1 additional signature and it is worse than the 2 I sent you.Andrew
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 11 days ago.

Let me see what I can do using the subject matter.

Kind regards,


Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 11 days ago.


I have searched through dozens of artists with names similar to Clet and Clef. None fit the style of your lithographs.

I then tried "castle lithograph" looking through thousands of images.

I am afraid I must admit failure.

Is there any writing on the back of your lithographs?

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 11 days ago.
They are in frame that is paper backed and marked with a gallery stamp. Looks like they were purchased from the gallery in the 1970's would be my guess based on our family time line. The gallery no longer seems to exist.The Alan Gallery
170 or***** S. Hamilton
CanadaI've taken a few more shots of the signatures in case they might help.Andrew
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 11 days ago.

Unfortunately, I cannot find an accurate answer for your question. I will release your question so that all the other professionals can choose to answer you with accuracy.
I want you to have the best answer possible. Releasing your question is called "opting-out." I will not be able to respond to you once I opt-out.
I am very sorry.

Kind regards,


Expert:  Nora replied 11 days ago.


How many prints are in the set that you have and what is the approximate size of each?


Customer: replied 11 days ago.
3 Prints
6x9" Print Size
13x16" Framed
Expert:  Nora replied 11 days ago.


Thank you for the dimensions. There is only one full image of one print of the three showing here on my end (all the signatures photos are showing too). It is of the fortified castle wall with towers. Please add an image of the other two at your convenience.


Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Nora, here's photos of the three prints.They also have a number in the lower right of each print although it is not out of a quantity such as 1/100 ... it is 36,52 and 79.Andrew
Expert:  Nora replied 10 days ago.


Thank you for the images. Please allow me some time to look these over for you.


Expert:  Nora replied 10 days ago.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the images and for your patience.

To start and to clarify, these are not lithographs. Lithographs are generally mass produced, usually, but not always in color and machine produced. What you are have are original etched prints. They were produced in a studio, by hand and not a machine. One can discern an original etching by the platemark in that paper. A platemark is the indentation in the paper surrounding the printed image. An etching is first executed by 'carving' the picture with a metal stylus into a metal plate. Then the plate is inked and pressed into the paper which transfers the ink and causes the indent or platemark.

Your prints date to likely around 1905 - 1915 and not later than 1930.

There are various reasons for numerals on the sheet; they could be potential page numbers for a planned book publication or catalogue entry numbers from a dealer or collector. The handwritten numbers do not have impact on the value of the prints themselves.

Unfortunately, which is commonly the case, your etchings are illegibly signed. This is typical in the print market and valuations are based on comparables.

On today's market, a framed 6x9" image can sell for $30 - $70 per image.

Please take a moment to leave a rating by clicking the stars. If you require further assistance, no worries, the question thread does not close even after leaving a rating.


Expert:  Nora replied 8 days ago.


Just checking in to see if you viewed your answer and if you are seeking further assistance?

Please let me know.



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