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Doris - dfm925
Doris - dfm925, Pres, Owner, Appraisals Corporation
Category: Antiques
Satisfied Customers: 8980
Experience:  Antiques store owner 10+yrs.Best of City Two Years. Collector 56+yrs.USPAP compliant. Member AOA.Founded part of antiques, silver & art collection at local museum.
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I have a windsor art product v6464 19 535 halfway house what

Customer Question

I have a windsor art product v6464 19 535 halfway house what is it worth its 26x36
JA: I always love having an appraiser look at my stuff. Sometimes its turned out to be surprisingly valuable. Tell us what else you do know and the Antiques Appraiser will be able to better assist you.
Customer: made by Illinois moulding co.Chicago Illinois
JA: Is there anything else the Antiques Appraiser should be aware of?
Customer: no
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 7 months ago.

Hello and welcome! My name is Doris.
I have been an antiques collector, dealer and appraiser for over 56 years.
I will be pleased to help you.

Please send me a photos....front and back.

To send photos you may use the "reply to expert" or "add files" in the blue box link on your reply page or the "paper clip" found in the toolbar you see on your reply page.
Please do not send in ZIP format. The jpg or jpeg format works best.

An explanation of this method can be found here:

Kind regards,

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
no more
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 7 months ago.

Thank you for the information and photos.

Please allow me time to research the data required by your question, calculate current values and write my answer.

I thank you in advance for your patience.

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 7 months ago.
thank you
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 7 months ago.

"The Illinois Moulding Company of Chicago was founded by Hungarian immigrant Herman Molner (1866-1951) in 1896. Windsor Art Products was the art publishing division of the company, who under license, would mass-produce original artists' works making "fine" art affordable to all. Herman passed away in 1951, but the company continued until about 1970."


You may have already seen this, but just in case you have not, I will include it here.

Biography from Roughton Galleries,Inc

"H. Bolton Jones (1848-1927) was an award winning landscape artist of the late nineteenth century, whose paintings of pastoral scenes were widely exhibited in the United States around the turn of the century.

Born in 1848 in Baltimore, Jones began his formal studies at the Maryland Institute. In 1865, he studied under Horace W. Robbins in New York City, and two years later exhibited at the National Academy of Design.

From 1865 to 1876, Jones painted many landscapes of well-known scenes of the Eastern United States, from Maryland and West Virginia north to the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. In style and subject matter, his paintings of this period tend to reflect the dominant influence of the Hudson River School.

In 1876, Jones traveled to Europe with his younger brother, eventually joining former Baltimore acquaintance Thomas Hovenden in the artists' colony at Pont Aven, Brittany. Here he painted his first mature plein-air works, depicting scenes of winter light, as in Edge of the Moor, Brittany, (1877). The painting was acquired by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 2001.

In 1880, Jones returned to the United States, where he continued to paint American landscapes in a manner emphasizing the effects of seasonal light or time of day on his rural subjects. He was elected an associate of the National Academy of Design in 1893; he received awards at the Paris Expositions of 1889 and 1900 and the St. Louis Exposition of 1904. He continued to paint until his death in 1927, in New York City."

Your piece is a print of an oil painting by Hugh Bolton Jones who created it in 1976.

It was printed and framed by Windsor Art Products, a branch of the Illinois Moulding Co.

My research indicates that the estimated retail value of your print, Halfway House, would be $250 assuming good framed condition and depending on sale geographic location.

See the following image of a print of a Jones painting.

In general, a private seller to a dealer, via consignment or at auction can expect 30-60% of estimated retail value.

Insurance replacement values are usually about 10% more than retail values.

If you wish to sell, these are my suggestions -

The internet has your widest pool of buyers. To sell close to estimated retail try the following -

Try ads on sites such as

Some like where you can set up your store for free and the selling fees are small - 20 cents to list an item plus 3.5% of the final price.

Or list with no fees whatsoever:

I hope I have helped you.

If I can help you with further questions about this answer, please let me know before you rate me.

All my answers are quoted in USA dollars.

I endeavor to give realistic, honest answers in a timely manner.

Please take a little time to give me a POSITIVE RATING NOW SO THAT I AM CREDITED BY JA for my knowledge, time and effort.

Please do not rate me down because of system difficulty.

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Kind regards.


If you would like to use me on any future questions, requesting me expires in a short time. If you put "For Doris Only" as the first of three words of the question, most professionals on the site will respect that request.

Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 6 months ago.

Hi there!

I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. Did my answer help or do you have more questions about your item that would help?

Kind regards,