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Thirty five years ago I was a serious collector of art. I

Customer Question

Thirty five years ago I was a serious collector of art. I became interested in "The Wyeth School" artists after discovering a painting in Taos by Leal Mack of "The Old Mill in Chadds Ford" painted around 1912 by Leal Mack. At that time I hired an art historian to compile historical information on Mack as well as contact anyone still alive who knew him. I have interesting information on the artist as well as about 30 of his works. One of the paintings by Mack is the only portrait of NC Wyeth not a self-serving self portrait. It was painted by Mack in a fit of rage just after he had had an altercation with NC as NC felt Mack, a young man at the time compared to NC, was spending to much time with girls and not enough with his "learning". NC terminated his relationship (letter recounted) with the "school". Msck, in a rage, stormed back to his flat, turned a painting from his easel over and painted a portrait of NC (not to flatering). On the reverse side he scribled "I am a royal cuss and you are but dirt" which is what NC said to Mack during the altercation. My art historian arranged a showing to the family of the portrait at the Wyeth Meuseum, Andrew brought Helga (she was over the hill) but his comment was wonderful; "that's poppa". Later I offered Jamie the painting as "compensation" to speak at a speakers function I funded at my college, he declined. He declined with a wonderful letter saying that he believed an artist speaks with his works not his words! I know Leal"s daughter married an american indian when the family moved to Taos and they discontinued their relationship forever. After Leals death she signed some of the paintings as his, one of which I own. I call it "Chicken Lady", it is a great work. I know Mack's work and style and talent, there is no way he would have painted this or, in my belief, could have painted it. I am interested in a dialogue regarding this part of my collection. Possibly an appraisal but I am not sure I am ready to dispose of it, I am only 74!
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Nora replied 3 months ago.


I would be happy to look over the Chicken Lady painting signed Mack for you. I used to work at Illustration House in Manhattan with ***** ***** who passed last year in his late 90's. We handled, authenticated and sold a large number of NC Wyeth original illustrations there.

You can send over images at your convenience.


Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I am impressed with your credentials. I expected much more of a response with regard to my communication. I would be interested in more information regarding the true artist of "Chicken Lady". I am not great with technology, let me see if I can figure out how to get a picture of "her" sent to you. Frankly, I was more interested in what you would have to say with respect to the NC portrait which was the majority of my question and I received nothing on that topic.
Expert:  Nora replied 3 months ago.


This is a conversation thread, so we can parlez back and forth. I would not have been able to expound much at the beginning without images, as those are rather crucial. To start, what information is it that you are seeking and we can go from there.