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Category: Antiques
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I have a widdicomb and it looks like a seat and it has a

Customer Question

I have a widdicomb and it looks like a seat and it has a woven seat and the label is in the middle of the seat that says widdicomb designed by T.H. ROBSJOHN-GIBBINGS it is blonde wood can you tell me anything about this piece
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

Hello and welcome! My name is Doris.
I have been an antiques collector, dealer and appraiser for over 56 years.
I will be pleased to help you.

Please know that I cannot accept any requests for "live conversations" such as phone calls.
I give my best answers in writing when I have time to think about them.
Sometimes a "Chat box" will pop-up asking if you would like a live conversation. Please know it is not from me.

If another professional enters our exchanges, feel free to tell them that you are working with me if you wish.

Please send photos of your piece.

To send photos you may use the "attach file" or "add file" in the blue box link on your reply page or the "paper clip" found in the toolbar you see on your reply page.
Please do not send in ZIP format. The jpg or jpeg format works best.

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I have a picture on my iPhone I can try later and send a pictdiure tomorrow but can you tell me anything about the piece
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Here is a picture I have 2 of these seat are whatever they are
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

Does the image you sent show the two seats or a two part recliner?

The seat(s) - what are the woven bands made of?

What is the frame made of?

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I had to get on my phone to send the picture I have them pushed together I will take another pic if you need it
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

I sent some requests for more information.

It would very helpful to have that information.

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 10 months ago.
It is woven cotton band no it's not a recliner it looks like a ottoman
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

One more question...

what is the size?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I have two pushed together in the first pic I sent you
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

Understood but does one measure?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
24" by 24"
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I don't understand what you mean does one measure ?
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

Thank you for the information.

Please allow me time to research the data required by your question, calculate current values and write my answer.

I should be back within 40 minutes.

I thank you in advance for your patience.

Kind regards,


Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

You sent the measurements - 24 x 24." Thank you.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Thank you I didn't see this other text before I ask you the question about measure
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

No problem. I am able to start my research now.

Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

I apologize for the delay. I fell asleep last night before I completed my answer to you.

Please see the following image. It shows a seat (bench) like yours with the same label and approximate size for $3200 retail asking price for one seat.

It dates 1950s like yours.

The designer is quite famous. See.the following:

T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings (U.K., 1905–76)

"British-born designer, interior decorator and author T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings (1905–76) was one of the great American tastemakers in the middle decades of the 20th century. Much like Edward Wormley, Robsjohn-Gibbings was a design classicist by education and inclination, but he would come to create some of the most gracious and livable modern furnishings of the era."

Source: Online Antiques and Vintage Goods site.

Since yours matches the one in the following image, one can assume the retail asking price for yours should be $3200 each assuming good condition like yours.

Online auctions like eBay generally bring wholesale selling prices.

If you would like to sell close to retail , some ideas are:

The internet has your largest audience of buyers. Place small ads on these sites or set up your own small store on these sites. They do not deal only in antiques. They offer vintage goods as well.

These sites are excellent and more upscale but fees are higher. I only recommend them if you have several items to sell.

Be sure to specify local pick up only. That way the buyer would be responsible for obtaining his own insurance and transport.

A private seller to a dealer or at auction can expect 30-60% of retail value.

I hope I have helped you.

If I can help you with further questions about this answer, please let me know before you rate me.

All my answers are quoted in USA dollars.

I endeavor to give realistic, honest answers in a timely manner.

Please take a little time to give me a POSITIVE RATING NOW SO THAT I AM CREDITED BY JA for my knowledge, time and effort.

Please do not rate me down because of system difficulty.

Please let me know if you have difficulty with the site's rating system. To rate me, you should see 5 stars near my answer. 5 stars gives me the best rating.

Kind regards.


If you would like to use me on any future questions, requesting me expires in a short time. If you put "For Doris Only" at the first of the question, most professionals on the site will respect that request.

Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

One thing I forgot to point out.

I realize the wood in your bench is not mahogany but the style is what gives the piece referenced here as well as your piece the extraordinary value.

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Thank you for your time ,but I found the same one you did before I joined just answer I saw that they were $3,200 on the Internet the one thing I was wanting to know was why the one in the picture on the Internet was dark wood and I DIDN'T see a label in the middle of the seat and when I read about T.H.ROBSJOHN-GIBBINGS it said he used blond wood I'm wondering if the one on the Internet is one that is a replica because it is dark wood & has NO label ?
Expert:  Doris - dfm925 replied 10 months ago.

Possibly but the true one we know about is yours. People often remove labels without knowing what value that identification would have in the future. And it is certainly true that, while Robsjohn designed primarily in blond wood, his designs could have been made in mahogany as well.

The $3200 is the upper limit maximum of what yours should have as an asking price.

It is just mid-20thC and not a true antique which is defined as an item over 100 years old.

Hold onto yours if you can. It will only increase in value.

Kind regards,


Expert:  Nora replied 10 months ago.


The strap lounger in the image is not one that was manufactured by Widdicomb for Robsjohn-Gidding and the straps were not done by Widdicomb. The one in the link is a Robsjohn-Gibbings style furniture piece with a high-end price as if it were a Widdicomb.

In this image you will see that your pair are the ottomans that go with the chair. It is a matching color to yours and these have the Widdicomb labels:

$3200 is a retail to the trade price. The third party would take a 20-30% sale commission and they would give the trade buyer a discount as well that the designer will tack onto the consumer buyer's price. Bear in mind that an ‘asking price’ is one that has not been sold and a true sale value is an actual past documented sale record. If you were to sell these Widdicomb Robsjohn-Gibbings ottomans on your own, expect to realistically garner highs of $400 - $500 each.

Please take a moment to leave a rating by clicking the stars. If you require further assistance, no worries, the question thread does not close even after leaving a rating.