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Nora, Expert in Fine and Decorative Arts: Renaissance through Contemporary
Category: Antiques
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My father passed away and he used to sell -cola syrup to

Customer Question

My father passed away and he used to sell coca-cola syrup to pharmacies in west Texas. He had a wooden case with green velvet that included everything needed for a sales call: calibration cups, glasses, paper/wax disposable glasses, etc. It looks like a chemists kit for Coke. I've looked at all the Coke sites and eBay, do you know how I can get a price for it?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  Nora replied 1 year ago.


In order for me to properly assess what you have I will need to see images.

Please send the photos at your convenience. There is not an extra charge to provide more pictures here.


Expert:  Nora replied 1 year ago.


I am wondering if you are still interested in having your set assessed?

Please let me know and do you have requested images available?

I look forward to reading back from you.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I don't know how to send the picture to you...your email address is***@******.*** so I can't do it. I finally got a picture of it, so am ready to send.
Expert:  Nora replied 1 year ago.


There may be an +Add Files button or if there is a toolbar with a paperclip icon showing above the box where you type in responses, then follow the steps on this link for sharing photos:


You can try emailing your images to *****@******.*** and write “For Nora/Antiques” in the subject line of the email.

Photos sent by email do not arrive to me directly nor instantly, they get forwarded to me by admin.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It is a wooden sales briefcase for Coca-Cola fountain sales. There is one glass on the upper right that has been sawed in half, to show the pharmacists the thickness/durability/quality of each size of glass. Then there are three full glasses so the pharmacist could hold them in his hand and judge the weight/size of each one. This is all original, but especially there are the many (big stack) of paper/wax fountain cups on the left if they chose the disposable/go-cup route as well. He said they first sold syrup, so the pharmacist mixed the coke syrup personally, but then they came out with the dispensing machine and the pharmacist thought that this dispensing machine was trying to cheat the customer out of syrup, so they had these red things that looked like measuring cups that are used to verify/measure to the pharmacist either how to hand mix or to make sure the coke dispenser was calibrated. It also has all the books to walk the customer through in the lid. I have never seen one of these at shows or on eBay in the past 25 years…it was issued to my father-in-law to sell coke syrup throughout the New Orleans to West Texas to Arkansas area. He sold Coca Cola from the end of WWII to when he retired from Coke. (they bought him a Rolex watch and everything…) Green velvet interior.Regards,Robin
Expert:  Nora replied 1 year ago.

Hi Robin,

I received the image of your Coca-Cola Salesman case, thank you. It is in excellent and complete condition; based on comparables, this can garner $3000 - $5000 conservatively on today's market.


Expert:  Nora replied 11 months ago.


Just checking in to see if you viewed your answer and if you are seeking further assistance?

Please let me know.