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How much is an Amelia Earhart autograph or autographed photo

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How much is an Amelia Earhart autograph or autographed photo worth? The picture is in great shape.
-- I'm so sorry for the delay in finding your question, but hopefully the good news will make up for it.

Your photo is an especially good one because it's Amelia on her own and with an airplane. Many photos are group shots or just nice personal photos, but the airplane certainly boosts the value.

I'll give you two figures though and explain them both: Market or replacement value (aka: insurance value) on this photo would be in the neighborhood of $2,600-2,800.

In the right sales venue with motivated buyers this is quite possibly a price you'd realize; however, here's the tricky part when it comes to celebrity memorabilia: The market is as weak as the economy these days.

In a quick sale or wholesale setting the price would be approximately 30-50% of that quoted replacement or insurance value.

It isn't just photos either, even what used to be 'high end' jewelry, including diamonds, are drastically down these days. Gold prices are through the roof, but even there the go-betweens, those shops that buy gold for 'top prices' - are only paying about 20% of the actual gram or pennyweight value.

Amelia is one of my most favorite heroes in history and I just love the composition of this photo, the clarity and look of modesty on a woman who refused to have her wings clipped in an era when women were condescended to when they attempted to enter fields like this.

So to me, your photo is priceless. In reality, the insurance value is up to $2,800 and the realistic sale value is perhaps $1,500-1,800

Let me add that there is often an exception if you list it with a known auction house such as Christie's or any museum auction.

That's where you'll find the motivated buyers (all it takes is two people who want it to motivate each other to bid higher and higher).

As a footnote: I see you have a letter of authenticity. I also notice something slightly 'off' about the signature, but this could be a natural variation. Our signatures can vary slightly or a lot over the years. Mine isn't even recognizable from 10 or more years ago.

I would suggest having a COA done on it to boost value even more than the low end estimate here. A Certificate of Authenticity by a renowned, trusted evaluator is a must.

Here is where to start:


Enjoy your piece of history no matter what you do

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi and thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I didn't think it was that long. I have not purchased the photo yet, but planned to. I wanted to see what an expert said. I appreciate and value your expertise. You said there was something slightly "off" with the signature. What do you mean by that or what do you think it is? Is it that her signature has changed like you said or is a "natural variation?" Thanks again for all your advice.



I'm not seeing the "A" bending the way I usually see it, but again, it's sometimes just a variation due to being in a hurry or not having a proper surface to write on, you get the idea. That's why I'd prefer a COA in addition to the letter of authenticity. And with TWO verifications like that it would boost the resale value to the highest end

Thank you for being so patient. We try to respond within minutes, but sometimes there are so many questions that they quickly fall off the front page (aka: the waiting room).

If you haven't bought the photo yet, well, I'd hate to suggest you offer about 1/2 the asking price and then end up losing it, but I don't want you to pay 'full price' when that will eat up the value of the item and leave you with very little in the way of investment.

It's like buying a dollar bill for a dollar. That's no bargain and we all know what interest is these days (IF you're lucky enough to find a bank paying interest)

So what you really want to find is a dollar bill for sale for .50 cents or heck, even up to .80 cents. That way you've got value left in that dollar

That's what I'd like to see happen with this collectible. For you to get it at such a price that there's still value left in it.

With these things we never know what's going to go up in value and what isn't. So when you invest, keep in mind that the only 'sure thing' is the generation you're living in. As the next one comes along they might not hold Amelia as significant at all and be more prone to buying Steve Jobs' autograph rather than Earhart.

What a shame

Feel free to follow up as you wish. I'm quite happy to help you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi there,


Thanks again for your advice. I am thinking I'm going to make an offer on it. I know that there are a lot of fakes and copies out there. I think having something from Earhart for my autograph collection would be finding one of my holy grails. I'm a big Earhart fan not for what she did for advancing the rights of women, but what she did for showing how great we are as a people and that in America you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.



Thanks again,


Keep me in the loop if you don't mind. I'd like to know how you do. I agree wholeheartedly about Amelia and she had a natural beauty, enthusiasm and nothing but heart.

No need to reply here - let the question close by itself and you can re open it any time to talk to me; or ask for me with my name "August" in the subject line. You've got my best wishes with you on this one!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I know you said no need to reply, but I just wanted to thank you once again. I will gladly keep you in the loop and will come to you with any future questions. As I said before I like to collect autographs, but don't buy them that often as I am somewhat picky.


Amelia is one of my top three favorite historical figures the other two are George Washington and Scott Joplin. Washington for his heart and courage and Joplin because I am a piano player and he was one of the first composers I studied in great detail. Those three would be the ones I'd most like to meet.


Again, thank you for your advice. You treated me as a friend and not as another customer and for that I am ever grateful. I will keep you posted on the Amelia item.



Thanks for everything,