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What is the value of 1964 Beatles trading cards?

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What is the value of 1964 Beatles trading cards?
These are straight out of my own era and to me they are priceless for each and every memory they trigger of days long gone.

To the real world where 'priceless' rarely applies, Beatles trading cards aren't that sought after anymore. The generation that collected them are selling them off or, in some instances giving them away.

They go for about $1-3 each. In fact, just earlier today a lot of 22 original cards sold for $25

copy and paste this into your address bar to see the cards included in the sale:


I'm afraid that today's collecting generation (individuals in their 30's being most prominent) don't see this trailblazing and record setting band the same way my generation did. Or still does. It's just that my generation is more prone to be selling collectibles than adding to them these days.

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