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I have a Lane Company Cedar Chest from 1930 - serial number

Resolved Question:

I have a Lane Company Cedar Chest from 1930 - serial number 032130, pattern number 48586. Can you give a guess as to its value? I have the papers but no key. It is in great condition - not a scratch on it!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  S. August Abbott replied 5 years ago.
-- You have a Lane that was made in 1930

Lane dates back to 1912 when Edward Hudson Lane opened his company in Altavista, Campbell County where the Virginian and Southern railways junctioned.

It wasn’t until the 1920’s that the company really started to find prosperity and popularity in their furniture.

Oddly, their first big production was pine ammunition boxes for WWI.

By WWII the “hope chests” became extremely popular. Soldiers left their beloved ladies behind with only the promise to return and marry. Lane advertised their chests as a “gift that starts the home”. They used quite a bit of patriotic slogans to sell their furniture and there’s no doubt the chests that ladies would collect items in to one day use and share with their returning soldier, was out of the “hope” that he’d return at all.


By the 1950’s they were popularly part of a young ladies transition to marriage, either handed down from her mother or purchased new as a gift to hold a lifetime of treasures, these days with smaller homes and cultural shifts, the tradition has faded.

In 2001 the very last Lane cedar chest was made and the company shut down.


We find a lot of used cedar chests and chests of all kinds coming up for sale in lots of venues these days and the values are quite varied depending on the particular chest.

Having an original key and the paperwork that came with it would increase the value; however, your chest, being pre-1940 makes it desirable. Being ornate with the legs like it has makes it fabulous!
Sales venue and buyer motivation mean everything when it comes to valuing a piece like this (or any piece) but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this bring at the very least $800 and possibly $1,200 or higher - again, depending on the venue.

If you have a local antiques auction list it for you it may see the higher value realized. Asking a dealer to show it on consignment is another option if you have time to wait.

I honestly think it's gorgeous and the condition is, as you said, exceptional. A fine piece of history and in well cared for shape.

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