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C&A Appraisals (Randi)
C&A Appraisals (Randi), Antiques and Collectibles Researcher
Category: Antiques
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Have a chinese porcelain vase from the Jiaqing period, would

Resolved Question:

Have a chinese porcelain vase from the Jiaqing period, would like to have it valued
It´s origin comes from Aw Boon Par one of the Haw Par brothers (Tiger Balm Tycoons)
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Antiques
Expert:  C&A Appraisals (Randi) replied 5 years ago.

C&A Appraisals (Randi :

I need as much information as you can give me about the provenance (history) of this piece beyond what you note and also is the provenance "heresay" or written? I need really good photos of the vase back and front, very clear ones of the base and also the interior if you can.
For what purpose do you need the value? I am sending suggestions for several free photo upload sites that are easy to use:

C&A Appraisals (Randi :

If you go to or, you can upload from your computer to create your photos album page. Then copy the album page link that is in your browser window at the top of your computer screen. You then paste that link into the reply to me. I am signed up for both and can go right to your album page to view your photos. It has to be the actual path/link from your album page to work correctly. They also have very good HELP tips if you have a problem. My best, Randi


Hi Randi,


Here is a link to available photos. if you need better ones I can send them next week. Regarding the history,


then this vase was given to me by my grandmother who was the daughter of Aw Boon Par, I have nothing in writing but I can of course proove that Aw Boon Par was my great grandfather. The interior of the vase is glazed


in the same colour, turqoise as the base. The reason for the evaluation is that if this vase is worth a substantial


amount, I might sell it.


Regards, Pall


p.s. correction, the interior of the vase is glazed white except for the interior of the spout itself which is turqoise.

Expert:  C&A Appraisals (Randi) replied 5 years ago.
The snapfish link comes back with a message that your photos are no longer available and to ask you to repost them. Sorry, could you do that for me. Your provenance is excellent!
I will do some preliminary research while I wait for the photos. My best, Randi
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Can I e-mail the photos directly to a e-mail address?
Expert:  C&A Appraisals (Randi) replied 5 years ago.
You can contact Customer Service and have them put in my Just Answer Private Message email, but we are not allowed to give out our personal emails. Snapfish usually works really well, you might want to just go check your page and paste the link of your album page from your browser window into your reply to me. My best, Randi
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Here a new Snapfish link

Regards, Pall
Expert:  C&A Appraisals (Randi) replied 5 years ago.
I have your email photos and will work on this for you but please contact Customer Service as your question is not showing up on my question board. The only way I could find you was to go to my email and link to your question from that. Your question is not on my to reply to work board or on the waiting/completed list. You have a superb Chinese Export piece but I need to know if you still want me to work on it. Tell Customer Service to reactivate the question and to make sure I get it. My best, Randi
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi, yes, I would like you to gather more info on this vase. I will contact customer service now..
regards, Pall
Expert:  C&A Appraisals (Randi) replied 5 years ago.
Ok, I have researched your family. The history of your Great Grandfather Aw Boon Par (gentle leopard), his brother (gentle tiger), and their herbalist father, add provenance value to your vase.
The seal mark is in red which means it is considered a Modern mark from the ancient point of view of the Chinese but appears to have been done in the 1796-1820 era, probably after 1800. The main marks fit my books but I am not good enough at reading Chinese seals to get the whole information from the seal. The important dynasty reign and date marks are there and with your provenance appears authentic to period. Seals were used generally from the 18th century and the early one are in blue underglaze, then gold, then red.

One of the distinguishing characteristic es of the Chia Ch'ing (Jiaqing) Period of 1796-1820 was the sand grit which is sometimes found embedded in the glaze in and around the foot rim. From the photo of the vase the grit is apparent which also helps authenticate it to period. The shape is a classic gourd shape called Hu (bronze form).

Due to the pink colors of the flowers, I would name the design as Famille rose on yellow and green grounds. The faille rose palette consists of rose pink accompanied by yellow, green, blue, aubergine, and black. Pink was not used prior to the Ch'ing Dynasty, was considered a foreign color although it was developed in Europe in the mid-1600s.

I do not have the measurements but it looks like an approximately 15" vase. Can you confirm that for me and then I can give you my opinion as to value. Thanks, Randi
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The vase measures ca. 11" tall.
regards, Pall
Expert:  C&A Appraisals (Randi) replied 5 years ago.
Ok, Pall
With the provenance, if you wish to sell your vase, I would expect a result, depending on the auction of a low of $2500 to as high as $3500. I may be conservative, you may get lucky with serious collectors bidding against each other. Your choice of who to send it to is important.

My first recommendation is Eldred's auction which has had major Oriental sales for many years and is highly respected. Here is the link to their site:

Heritage Auctions and Bonhams Butterfields are also good possibilities for sale. I would not recommend a strictly online auction as most of the results are wholesale rather than fair market. My best, Randi

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