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Kim D.
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I have a Mahogany corner hutch. Label on back says Mahogany

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I have a Mahogany corner hutch. Label on back says Mahogany Association, Inc. #139. Very good condition, glass on upper half, still has key. Inlays and dental moulding. Can I sent picture to get a ball park value for resale?

I would be happy to help you with this. If you have an image on your computer would you put it on a free photo sharing site so I can see its detail and assess it? Dori



Here are some simple directions of the photo sharing site option.


Upload your image to a free photo sharing site such as photobucket and then create an album. Return here and give me your non email user name and password XXXXX I can easily go to your album. PS User names must not be email passwords but a word or numbers as JA will not allow emails to be seen in these text boxes. Thank you

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Under photobucket my id isCustomerbr/>This link might take you to Antique Hutch

Thank you for the images they work well and are quite helpful. I know they are a lot of effort.


Your Georgian Revival style corner cupboard dates to the early 20th century. It is a beautiful high quality piece based on the inlaid mahogany details, bowed front, and upper section which has a dentil molded crown above an inlaid frieze and the glass door which is glazed with Gothic tracery..not to mention the label by "The Mahogany Association" on the bottom that ceritfies that this piece is a true mahogany piece from the period.


The "Mahogany Association" was not a company or a maker but an association of furniture makers who were located in Chicago, Ilinois. Around the turn of the 20th century aniline dyes were introduced into the American furniture market. This new tool for coloring wood meant that any furniture maker could use a secondary wood and make their furniture look like higher quality pieces. Thus, gum, poplar and birch, could be made to look like more expensive woods such as walnut and mahogany. As the furniture industry got organized early in the century a number of promotional organizations took form. The Hardwood Manufacturers Association, The Oak Bureau, the Gumwood Bureau and The American Walnut Manufacturers Association were some of the many associations that formed to support their products and manufacturers.


The Mahogany Association issued decals to manufacturers whose products were indeed made of "real" mahogany and not a substitute. The number on the bottom was the number assigned to the manufacturer who was a member of the Association but according to references there is no list remaining of those numbers and the corresponding manufacturers. The Association and the practice of identifying mahogany pieces this way discontinued in 1969.


Furniture has had a rough time on the antique auction market the last five years or so. Examples of these high end revival hutches have come up at fine antique auctions but the venue seems to be very important to the sale price. Online prices look higher when you survey the market but remember these are not "sold" and I see a lot of dealers pushing prices higher than values. The current documented value of these Georgian cupboards from the early 20th century... studying what has "sold" in the last few years on the antique auction market across the country reflects a range of 1700.00-2300.00. Not too bad when you see nice victorian chairs selling for 55.00-75.00!


I hope this is helpful.


Best wishes, Dori


PS Please remember to press accept as this is the only way JA pays its experts for their time and expertise! Thank you.



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Thank you for the nice feedback. I have had some great customers who have set up photobucket albums and worked through items one accept at a time. (sometimes we do 2 for 30.00 or they pay me bonuses etc....all are very helpful as JA does not pay its experts the full deposit you set for the inquiries) I would be happy to help you with anything else you find of interest.


Just ask for me in the inquiry by Dori or Blueflowers or find me with my username and click on it to ask me directly any questions that you may have. I really enjoy the on going one on one work as it really is a pleasure to see new antiques and get to know customers from all over the world.


All the best, Dori