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Randy Boman
Randy Boman, Technician
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I used ActiveSync to sync my LG Windows phone to my PC and

Customer Question

I used ActiveSync to sync my LG Windows phone to my PC and I just purchased a Motorola Droid Razr. I was told by Verizon that I could sync my new phone to uplod my contacts, etc. and I can't get it to work because my LG was a WINDOWS phone. HELP !!!
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Android Devices
Expert:  Michelle-Mod replied 5 years ago.

Hi, I’m a moderator for this topic and I wonder whether you’re still waiting for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will do my best to find an Expert to assist you right away. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you. Thank you!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, I am still needing an answer to this question. I had to set up a Gmail account when I activated my Droid, but I don't use Gmail. I have researched more and find options for transferring Outlook contacts to Gmail since there is an option for syncing from Gmail, HOWEVER, all the apps I find say it only transfers contacts between Outlook and Gmail IF THERE IS AN EMAIL ADDRESS and MANY of my Outlook contacts have ONLY phone numbers.
Expert:  Michelle-Mod replied 5 years ago.
Sometimes, finding the right Expert can take a little longer than expected and we thank you greatly for your understanding. We’ll be in touch again shortly
Expert:  Engineer John C. replied 5 years ago.
Hello, I am Engineer John C., I will be your expert today.

Here you have the guide "How to move your contacts from your Windows phone to Android phone". Click here ----->

Thank you

John C.
Computer Science Engineer
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I understand this process will only move contacts that have an email address. Many of my Outlook contacts DON'T have an email address. Will this TBExport Contact app export and allow the movement of contacts without email addresses?
Expert:  Engineer John C. replied 5 years ago.

Yes, it should work. Please try it and let me know.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I keep getting an error everytime I try to RUN the TBExport program to install it on my PC.
Expert:  Engineer John C. replied 5 years ago.
OK. I will opt out so any other expert can try to help you. You will receive an email when another expert takes your question. The new expert will see all our previous thread, so no need to explain the issue again.

Thank you
Expert:  Randy Boman replied 5 years ago.
I will be glad to assist you,
You can transfer your (wab)windows contacts to google contacts by using the google contacts import process, then you can sync them to your phone.
Sync your Windows Mobile phone to your computer (outlook, outlook express, whatever you normally sync to)
Export your contacts from there to a CSV.
Use Google Contacts to import the CSV
(import is in the upper right from
Randy Boman, Technician
Category: Android Devices
Satisfied Customers: 9488
Experience: Android Tech
Randy Boman and 2 other Android Devices Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Randy, Just wanted to let you know that I was unable to implement your solution. I am missing the OFFICE1.CAB file on my PC and it won't allow me to create a CSV file to export my Outlook contacts.


I appreciate your assistance.


Expert:  Randy Boman replied 5 years ago.
Importing CSV files
To import contacts to Gmail:
Create a custom CSV file, or export the address book from your other webmail provider or email client as a CSV file.
Sign in to Gmail.
Click Contacts (located above the Compose Mail button) on any Gmail page.
From the More actions dropdown menu, select Import....
Click the Choose File button.
Select the file you'd like to upload and click the Import button.
When it's done, Gmail will display the number of contacts imported.
If you receive any error messages during the import, you might need to edit your CSV file.

Note: These CSV files work with Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Eudora, and some other email providers. But the CSV files that these applications produce might not contain all of the supported contact fields. For example, when Outlook exports to a CSV file, it omits data including attachments, distribution lists, contact pictures, the "file as" field, the "nickname" field, and text formatting in the "notes" field. Google Contacts doesn’t have a way to know what was omitted, so we suggest that you manually copy over any important information in these fields after you import your contacts.

About the notes field:

Google Contacts doesn't support rich text formatting, or unlimited length in the “notes” field. When we're unable to import a certain field from the CSV, we do our best to let you know so that you can fix it manually.
The maximum size for a contact is 128 KB. If a contact exceeds this size, the "notes" field might be truncated.