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I have a 1985 case 1070 diesel power shift. I'm somewhat

Customer Question

I have a 1985 case 1070 diesel power shift. I'm somewhat mechanically incline but this is a totally different beast. Tractor runs fine but having issues moving gear levers. The first lever will only move forward and reverse. The other two the second one is in neutral and the third is all the way ahead, I cant move them at all.
When I start the tractor is always in gear it will move but it seems that it's in a middle gear speed wise and when in reverse i have to give it lots of throttle for it to move, seems like even higher gear.
The hydraulic fluid look clear and at the full level from the sight glass on the left side.
Just wondering if it's an adjustment issue or a big fix.
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Agriculture and Farm Equipment
Expert:  Wayne replied 7 months ago.

Hi I'm Wayne

I will help you with this

When the torque limiter goes out, it will not move. If you remove the floor plate in the cab, remove the bolt on the linkage that moves the powershift back to low when you dspress the inching pedal. Now you can shift the powershift up to the high side and it will stay there. If the tractor moves when you release the inching pedal(clutch), C-1 clutch is out. If the tractor moves in reverse, C-2 and C-4 clutches are good, so C-3 would be out

I hope this helped you

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Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Hi Wayne thank you for your response. My power shift lever moves freely threw 1 to 3 with ease, no issues at all. Its the other lever that my issue gears 1 to 4. As you can see in my picture thats the only position i can get it in.Also I've been ready some comments on how to use the the gears i also want to make sure I'm correct. The tractor should be stopped to change each gear on the range lever 1 to 4 and use the clutch. The power shift you don't need to use the clutch just idle down and shift it up a gear.I shown in my second picture #1 moves freely. It's the power shift selector spool.
#2 I can't get it to move or what it is use for.Let me know whats the next step.ThanksAnthony
Expert:  Wayne replied 7 months ago.


Thanh you for that

Yes that is correct must stop to shift to change range 1-4

as far as the 2 lever , that is a option for all wheel drive

if you did not have have that , they blocked it off

did you just get this Machine??