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tsx: I have an Acura 2004 TSX. I hit a big pothole on the

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I have an Acura 2004 TSX. I hit a big pothole on the while driving in the fast lane. It caused the front end to have $2800 in damage. At the exact same moment, my ac compressor failed as well and I had to limp the car to the dealer. My insurance company won't pay for it. They say it is impossible and just a coincidence that it failed at the exact same moment. I say it was caused by the massive jolt the car received. Who is right?

Did it just stop working, or did it start making a loud clacking or knocking noise?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I was driving and did not see the pothole. They are doing freeway construction near my house. I hit the pothole on the freeway and there was a loud bang and the car began to act erratic. I pulled over and there were 4 other cars there as well waiting for a tow. I live near there so I got off and the car had no power + the front end was not safe. I called home and someone followed me to the dealer going very slow.


ok, but that doesnt answer my question though. when you drove it to the dealer - did the compressor make a clacking noise, knocking noise, or no noise and just not work?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When it happened it immediately began making a loud humming whining kind of sound and the ac stop blowing cold. After that it was silent on the way to the dealer.


Ok, has compressor been 100% identified and confirmed as being the reason for no ac?

Were lines as well as the receiver/drier and the condensor which sits in front of the radiator thoroughly inspected for holes or breaks?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The service writer says that the compressor is frozen up due to it failing, which prevents the car from running correctly, so it will need to be changed for $3300


Ok, although it is very slightly possible that there could have been enough of a jolt to cause shock damage, it is very, very remote.

Compressor seizing is usually due to loss of refrigerent and lubricating oil. This is normally due to a leak in the system. Normally a leak is checked for by shooting some AC dye into the system and running the ac and looking for the dye at all components and connections.

Because the compressor is frozen, I would have them shoot some dye into the low pressure port and high pressure port and see if any comes out at either the lines, the condensor or the receiver/drier.

I say this because I believe that there is an underlying condition that caused it to seize, and I believe it is a leak caused by the hitting the pothole. If proven, then the insurance company would have to pay for repairing the leak and the compressor that seized as a result.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Eric.


you are very welcome and have a safe rest of 2013!

please remember to rate service. thanks