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MSX: We have a 2007 MDX, with Navi and Entertainment pkg.

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We have a 2007 MDX, with Navi and Entertainment pkg. Two weeks ago, car would not start and battery was drained almost to nothing - out of the blue. Had not been driven for approx 24 hrs, and usually driven every day. Was able to boost from a tow truck. Local dealer was able to test the battery (installed in 2011), alternator, and starter - all okay. Also could not locate any parasitic drain on battery.

One day after return from dealer, noticed the Driver's control to operate the passenger window would not work, up nor down. Passenger control for window works fine.

Other than window - vehicle has started each time no problem for 2 weeks. Now today again, not driven for approx. 24 hrs, and would not start. Again was able to start with a boost from a similar size vehicle. So it appears that something is draining battery while it is turned off.

Hello and welcome to,


There HAS to be a draw on the battery. the method they are using is incorrect.


there are several possibilities here.


  • the hands free control unit is staying energized
  • the a/c clutch relay is sticking intermittently
  • the power window switch you mentioned is sticking enough to keep the motors energized causing a draw

please ask as many questions as possible before rating my service

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks. Appears to be the hands free control.

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