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Acura MDX: I have a 2009 Acura MDX that has been wonderful

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I have a 2009 Acura MDX that has been wonderful x-cept sometimes, without warning, the electric will fail. The first time it happened was about a year after I bought it. I went into a coffee shop, got a large drip to go, got in my car and nothing worked. Not the ignition, not the dash lights, nothin'. I had it jumped without difficulty and drove it for another year or so when the same thing happened after parking at a casino. I gambled for about two hours came back and no electric. I didn't have the dome light on, I had left the radio on but I leave the radio on consistently and it seems to start regularly and it has never failed me while driving. I now am afraid to drive it away from an urban area for fear this will happen again away from a jump. Can you help?


Hello and welcome to


first there are two possiblilities here


you most likely have a battery draw causing the battery to drain fast

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Why would the battery draw be sporadic like it is? Is there a way to discover where the draw may be coming from?

the first possibility is the a/c clutch relay is sticking. this is a issue in the past with this model

the other possibilty is the handfree link control unit is staying energized causing the battery to drain. this can occur even if you are not using the handsfree.


either way you will need to have the car diagnosed to see if there is a draw and what might be causing it. I suggest you take it to your nearest Acura dealer.


please ask as many questions as you need to to be completely satisfied. do not rate my service until we are done and you can rate my service good or above.


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to answer yory question yes the draw can be sporadic because the a/c clutch relay will stick and unstick randomly. also the control unit for the handsfree will also stay energized sometimes and sometimes not.


you will need an ammeter around the positive cable and observe the milliamp reading. it should not be more than .80 mA. If you a lot more than that then you have a draw. you need to remove the a/c relay and see if the draw goes away

disconnecting the handsfree control unit to see if that is the draw.


replacing the relay or the control unit will solve the issue