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tl: I have an Acura TL 06, my battery drains most nights especially

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I have an Acura TL 06, my battery drains most nights especially when its cold. I have new battery same issue i took to my long time mechanic he said an issue with fuse 15 or 7 not sure what the problem is. Any suggestions of ways I can narrow down problem myself?
Hi Sir or Madam, welcome to I'm acramstr. Actually this is a common problem on this model. You have a bad HFL(bluetooth unit) They short inside and stay awake when the key is off and drain the battery. The unit cost about $240.00 It is located in the base of the dome light assy ( held in by 4, 8mm bolts). A good quick test would be to disconnect it and see if the battery drain stops.If you give me the VIN# XXXXX can give you the part number if the unit.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Well can I just disconnect since my blue tooth hasn't worked for a year or so anyway?
Yes you can If you dont use it. Many people do.Just tuck the connector under the headliner.
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