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I have gone into reports 3 times over the last month and all

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I have gone into reports 3 times over the last month and all my figures show My totals as being millions in the red. My backup flash drive works and I will now have to backup the program after each daily use. What a lesson on how important to backup the file. I didn't have to before.

Also when reconciling, it wouldn't reconcile, although the figures where correct. I would then exit, then re-open Quicken and it would balance. I have Quicken 2010.

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


what does it look like in the register ? Does it have the correct balance there ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

All my entries are correct but the balances Show 2,000,000 in the r4ed> This has happened three times now.

that can happen for a few reasons. the most common being that it is not displaying all data or it is sorted incorrectly.


On the top of the register it should show ALL TRANSACTIONS ALL DATES

and it should be sorted in date order. You can do that by hitting the account actions button on the top right and selecting sort and date OR by hitting the title bar where it has the actual word DATE above the date column



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Just got home from hospital and nurses have arrived. Will respond ASAP


no problem. I will be on and off tonight. But as soon as I see your response I will answer.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When I go into reports and back to my register the account balances show 2,000,000 plus in the red for all dates. Really weird!


Also my second question happens often. I just close and re-open Quicken and problem is corrected and is balanced. Do I reload my program or purchase an upgrade OR do you have an answer?

I think what is happening is that the register is not sorted properly when you come back from the reports. You might inadvertently click on the title bar somewhere which will re sort it on that column.


Can you send me screen shots of it ?


Screen shot instructions

hold alt button down hit print screen button release buttons

click start menu / all programs / accesories / paint

click edit / paste

click file / save as

save as a jpg file in my pictures


on the top of this window click the insert button it should be a paper clip to right of the smiley face.

click browse.

click browse in the 2nd window that pops up

browse to the file you just saved in my pictures

click ok

click insert back in the first window

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Cannot cause the problem, but will keep trying this PM.


What about the reconciliation Correcting itself after exiting and re-opening the program?

I don't really understand what you mean there. Can you send me screen shots telling me what you are talking about? Usually when I get problems like this it often turns out that the person was looking at different reports or customizing them differently than they thought they were.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will send a good rating when I get answers that solve my problems.


Problem #2 When I reconcile a bank statement It does not show it is reconciled even after double checking all my entries. I then close Quicken and re-open the file then it balances and all is reconciled, without doing anything further. This leads me to believe I need to reload the program from disc or upgrade Quicken to a new version. Right?.

It is hard for me to say because I am not watching you do it.


when you do the reconcile what steps do you perform and where does it show or not show it being reconciled ?


if you have the register open while you are reconciling it may not show there until you close the register and open it again.


try reconciling from the tools menu / reconcile an account

with the register NOT OPEN

and see if it looks reconciled when you open the register after you have completed the reconciliation. It should ask if you want to print a reconcile report and possibly make an adjustment if it found a discrepancy when you reconciled. If you don't get that message you may not have completed the reconcile

Robert M. and other Financial Software Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I will have to wait until I get my next statement. I do reconcile from the file menu, but I do not print a report until I do???????????????????


Will definitely reply when I do.


Thank you so far.



you are very welcome please let me know when you are able to continue
I was just following up on our work. Thank you very much for the rating. If you have further issues with this same problem you can post in the original problem and i will give you more help for free. If you would like to go to this page and add it to your favorates you can then use it to send me a question directly
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As soon as I reconcile again, I will determine if I have the continuing problem problem.

Thank You,



ok thank you


I will keep this question open for you. I have no control over when the site sends reminder emails

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

IU'm having a lot of problems with Quicken.


Most recent:


I received my bank statement today and the opening balance was not correct. Finally I tried to recover info with my back up and tried to reconcile the acct. (never had these problems before.) I reconciled all that I could and there were about 5 items that appeared again from the last statement. I copied screen if you wish to see the problem. I created an entry to just to get it to balance but, still can't clear previously reconciled items. Do I need a new Quicken program? Or can you help. I remember going to cleared entries and placed an "R" in the column to try and clean up the register.

yes please send me a screen shot of it.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have it in WORD but, how do I send it to you. Via your e-mail address?

you can send it to [email protected] and reference this question


and ask them to please forward it to me. How long it will take depends on their volume of work however as they have to do it manually


or you can post it on and after you upload it you will get a download url which you have to copy and paste in here for me to see it. That would be faster but it is not a secure site so if you are worried about confidentiality of anything on there you might prefer the emailing.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


highlight it and hit ctrl C that will copy it


then click in here and hit ctrl V to paste it


I am doing dinner and may not get back to you for a couple of hours

I have the screen shot. the only duplicate that i see is for a deposit from draw investments for 1750.

If that is a monthly thing you might have it set up as a recurring payment under bills and reminders and so it goes in manually once from that ( it is automatic from quicken but not downloaded from the bank is what i mean by manual ) Then it comes in to the bank and another copy gets downloaded.

what you need to do is go to the register and click on one of them and select match. then select the other one to match it to. After that next month quicken will be able to match it by itself.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The 1750 was not a duplicate. I'm referring to the payments that were cleared and reconciled on the last bank statement, but, reappear this month . Would like to send a printed page directly to you e-mail address - - - - - less confusion on my part.

I wish you could but I am not allowed to give it out.


can you send me a screen shot of the register as well as the update thing.


You might also try going to


file / file operations / validate


that should clean up any extra transactions sitting around

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Attachments are only available to registered users.

Register Here

Attachments are only available to registered users.

Register Here

Attachments are only available to registered users.

Register Here
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Attachments are only available to registered users.

Register Here
so frustrating. cannot cut and paste. How about another email address?

Try [email protected]
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

C:\Users\GrahamB\Documents\My Scans\Quicken Nov 2-1320131102.jpg.


does this work?

No that didn't make it. All I got was the path of where it is in your computer.


Did you try the ? all you have to do isbrowse to the file and hit the upload button and then it will give you a 'download url' put that in here and I will be able to get it



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Okay sent Nov 5 @1100 hours. Sent 3 times now

where did you send it to ?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

sent via Don't know what to try next. Maybe a fax number or a Email address or another phone number????????????????

if you send via wikisend you need to copy and paste the download URL that it gives you and give me that.


The way it works is wikisend is just a storage place you upload something and so so a million other people. It gives you a download link so that I can find it in wikisend and you have to give me that.

ok I got the forwarded copy. I see what you say and I have an answer for you.


I can see that you are a person that likes things organized and neat and you may not like this answer but its the way you are going to need to do it in quicken.


for whatever reason quicken has them counted without being cleared. Quicken does that sort of thing occasionally, and wants to clear them again.


The only sure way to get it going correctly for next month is to let quicken clear them again. It will then say that there is a discrepancy between the balances and would you like to make an adjustment entry.


Allow it to make the adjustment. It will go down as an adjustment category and you can make notes on it to say exactly what payments it covered if you like. But that will allow quicken to mark everything reconciled and still have the correct balance. Once that is done quicken will agree with your bank and next months statement should work correctly again.


I am sorry that I cant get you a cleaner way to do it but that is frankly the way quicken says to do it.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

you say, let quicken clear them. How does that happen? Do I actually tick them off, which will then show an incorrect balance. Procedure not clear enough for me. Physically what do I do?





physically just click them all off and say you are finished with the reconcile it will show out of balance and ask you if it can make an adjustment entry for you



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

okay, will call later. On my way to the hospital for my stroke therapy.





you are welcome. Let me know how it goes


If it makes you more comfortable create a backup file before you do the reconcile that way you can always restore right back to where you are now

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I finally reconciled as suggested but, there should be a better method considering I had previously reconciled. Do you suggest I upgrade Quicken?

Also, If I delete some memorized payees will this procedure case any problems?


Thanks for all your time. Any extra charges?




Graham B Senner

I would leave the memorized payee unless they are annoying you. I don't think it will have any effect other than not being able to match them automatically if you use them again.


Yes there should be a better method but I don't believe quicken has come up with one. They tend to leave a few bugs around. Since about the first copy of quicken it has defaulted to notifying you if you try to use a duplicate check number for example. For over 10 years and 10 versions it has blown up instead. And it still defaults to it and when it blows up they tell you to change it to "don't notify"


A new version of quicken is probably a good idea just because they don't support them after 3 years and the longer you wait the more difficult it is to get your data into the new version.


You can get a discount on it at this link


I believe you are paid up as you gave me an excellent rating. If you would like to leave a bonus that would be great with me but its your choice.


Thank you.



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have Quicken 2010 now and list all my stocks and values every month. Should I be getting The 2014 premier or will the quicken deluxe do everything that 2010 does now?


Many thanks,



The premiere does more for stocks and bonds than the deluxe does. But the deluxe still has a lot of stock and bond stuff. If the deluxe has been working for you on 2010 it should still work for you. They have not dropped any features.