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I just bought a new iMac and downloaded Quicken for Mac. I

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I just bought a new iMac and downloaded Quicken for Mac. I have my backup info from my PC on a flash drive. How do I load it into my program?

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your financial software question.


First which version of mac quicken was it ? Essentials or 2007. They still sell the 2007 version. Last I saw it was cheaper than essentials and its a much more robust program and a lot closer to the appearance of the pc version than the essentials.


You might consider it. Intuit kind of hides it because they want to sell essentials but so many people like it better they have been forced to re issue it every time they try to cancel it. It was updated to work on LION in 2012 as apposed to the essentials which was last modified in 2010.


In either case you will need access to the pc with the quicken working in order to move the data because a backup file from the pc will not restore on the mac.


You have to export the file in QIF format from the file / export command

then in the mac version you create a new data file and import the qif file


To convert to quicken essentials it is the same process but you need to make a QFX file rather than a QIF file

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