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I bought the 2012 Federal & State Return package (with one

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I bought the 2012 Federal & State Return package (with one free state allowed). Since I was doing my Georgia Daughter's return, I requested the State of Georgia as my free state. I am now finished with her Federal and State returns. I entered her banking information in for her Georgia return but the program will NOT let me e-file the state return. Is this state version missing a patch to do that or does Turbo Tax's free version not make this available. I know I have to pay for the Ga. e-file process but the version doesn't even reference the choice.

P.S. I e-filed her Ga. return last year from the 2011 Turbo Tax software. What Gives????

the forms for Georgia should all be available but they may not have been at the time you purchased the software.


follow this procedure to download them

To get your State product from within the Deluxe, Premier, or Home & Business versions of TurboTax, follow these steps:

  1. Open TurboTax, and then start or continue your federal tax return.
  2. From the Online menu, choose Download State.
    • Click OK if prompted to save your tax return.
  3. Choose your state(s), and then click Continue at the bottom of the window.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish downloading and installing your state.
    • If TurboTax closes after installing your state, simply reopen it.
  5. After you've completed your federal tax return, click the State Taxes tab to start work on your state tax return. Don't start work on your state return before you have fully completed your federal return.

If that does not work please tell me the exact word for word message that you are getting.

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