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I have a Crestron Pro2 processor in a system in a motor home

Customer Question

I have a Crestron Pro2 processor in a system in a motor home approx 7-8 years old bought at auction. Bus probably sat for an extended period with out use. Crestron system was working fine and then the power light flashes and the display flickers at the same rate on the pro2. Does that sound like the power supply in the pro2? I pulled the power cord with no change (it still flashes for a bit after power is disconnected). Would the hwr reset possibly work? If I pull the unit and swap out the power supply will that fix it and will it hold the memory? Would Country Coach (the manfacturer) have a template or program if we need to reprogram? Could we get the program from a pro2 on a bus the same model and identical (we have one that works fine)? Crestron tech is 4-6 weeks before he can get to it.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Crestron