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I have an 80 qt. Hobart mixer. Recently the clutch has

Customer Question

I have an 80 qt. Hobart mixer. Recently the clutch has become difficult to engage. It does eventually go into place and works fine. Is there anything i can do to fix this without paying for a service call?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Commercial Kitchen
Expert:  shaithus1 replied 11 months ago.

Hi.. let me see if I can help....

Hobart mixers are "bread and butter" mixers... meaning... they are simple to operate, operate very well and have few problems.. unfortunately, there are no user serviceable parts.. the clutch mechanism consists of three stacks of gears and bearings along with the planetary system under the head for the agitator...

All the parts are surrounded by grease in a sealed environment..

It sounds like it has been a while since the last dissassembly and relube and it sounds like it may have been shifted on the fly... meaning at some point the unit's gears may have been shifted while it was running... a big no-no.... you possibly have aged dried thick grease inside and a worn shifter yolk, and possiblly worn gears and bearings...

Due to the contamination of the food environment by the grease, we generally take these units back to our shop for check-out and repair. What is envolved is, the removal of the top cover, the inside cover, removal of the old grease and replacement of the seals, grease and any worn parts...

Im sorry I dont have better news for you ... but if you invest a little now... these units generally run ages before they need another relube...

Hope Ive helped and thank you for using Just Answer


Expert:  shaithus1 replied 11 months ago.

hey.. let me correct myself... I mis read it to be a 30qt.... your unit will have to be repaired onsite due to size.. and you dont have grease... yours is oil filled... can you see the site glass on the side and verify the level of oil in the unit....? Have you noticed any leakage?

You are still in for a service call because again the three stacks of gears are in a sealed environment...

you still may have a worn yolk or gears and bearings... and depending on the last overhaul.. you still may be in for a seal and oil replacement...

Let me know what you see on the oil level.. and leak status..