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Talk to tsa having to do background check as my finger

Customer Question

Talk to tsa having to do background check as my finger prints hard to read ..will take 8 weeks..I am flying out 7-14 to New York can we get this faster....
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: TSA
Expert:  Longhorn Lawyer replied 4 months ago.

Hi Diane,

Thank you so much for requesting me personally.

I have a question before I can answer you.

Is that how long they said it would take to get an appointment? Or how long it would take to work this issue out?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
How long it will take to recover. My number....I have already gone thru process how many times r u charging me for the same related question
Expert:  Longhorn Lawyer replied 4 months ago.

I am not charging you anything. You posted a question and paid a deposit. What I see and do on my end is exactly what you see on your end. But if you have billing questions, you should contact customer support. You can either call, email or chat with them about your billing concerns:

As far as your question, I am still not sure I understand. What do you mean by "how long it will take to recover?"

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