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On the following reservations

Customer Question

on the following reservations *********** please add my pre-check #********** and my wifes ***********. thanking you sheldon and ann ************ ************************ phone ***************** .

Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: TSA
Expert:  Longhorn Lawyer replied 5 months ago.
ANSWER: Unfortunately, we cannot add your PreCheck number tony out reservation for you. If you've already made the reservation, you need to contact the airline directly and ask the agent with whom you speak to add each of your Known Traveler Numbers to your own respective reservations. That is the only way to do so, once a reservation is made.If your trip has already started or if you are trying to add it on the day of travel, PreCheck will not be applied to your travel. I'm very sorry, but this is how the PreCheck system functions.I hope I have answered your questions. Kindly rate my customer service (not the outcome, which I cannot control) with a 4 or 5 star rating, so I get credit for doing my job today. Thank you!

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