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I need to find my known traveller number! I have no idea where

Customer Question

I need to find my known traveller number! I have no idea where I may have recorded it, and because I am flying a different carrier, they are asking for it. GOES has no record of me. Can you help?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: TSA
Expert:  TSA*Expert replied 8 months ago.
Hello, If GOES has no record of you, and you have a GOES card, the PASSID on the back can be used as the KTN (Known Traveler Number or Trusted Traveler Number). You can register as a new member with your GOES card online, by scrolling all the way down on this webpage: You can also call this phone number to get your number:855 - 873 - 4637 If you got your known traveler number through TSA Precheck, you can go to the following website or call the Universal Enrollment Center to retrieve your number: Universal Enrollment Center:855 - 347 - 8371 -----------------------------I hope this helps. Please provide a positive rating if you found my answer helpful so I am credited for my assistance. If you need any additional information, just click reply. Thanks! Best regards,Cher

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