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I had a liver transplant five years ago, I am doing very well

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I had a liver transplant five years ago, I am doing very well exept for one thing I have a diastasis recti, I dont think they did a very good job stitching my ab. muscles back together my doctors dont seem to want to address it, I have to buy a large top and a small bottom, I do want something done what do you sugest, I care about the way I look, regards Zoe
Thanks for this.

Have you seen a plastic surgeon?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no I havent, I dont know if a plastic surgeon would operate with me being immune suprest I am a slim white female in good health, have always taken care of myself dont drink or smoke . ever !!! my transplant was done because of scolosing colongitis.

I believe they might

You never know until you consult with one

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