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I just purchased a 10001 janome. I use windows 10 on laptop.

Customer Question

I just purchased a 10001 janome. I use windows 10 on laptop. There are no serial ports. I have the rs-232c cable. How do I install for sewing machine?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: sewing machine repair
Expert:  Chester replied 9 months ago.

Hi and welcome to Justanswer.

Initially, as your expert I always suggest to our customer the best and the practical why of how to resolve the issue. New laptops now doesn't have serial ports, that is one of your problem. The second and worst problem is the compatibility between your machine software and windows operating system.

In this case I always gave to my customers a very practical solution to the problem. This is more practical because you do not need to upgrade your software just to transfer design using flash/compact drive. Because upgrading is so expensive. My suggestion is buy a used laptop with windows XP or vista (XP is recommended) just to dedicate to your machine. That is cheapest and most easy solution.

Hope this information will be helpful.

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