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joomladirect, Joomla Expert
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I have had this site up and running a year. No problems.

Customer Question

I have had this site up and running for almost a year. No problems. I went into admin today to set up a new user group and user. Suddenly all I have is K2 shortcut menu on the screen and no access to any other tools or menus. I deleted the K2 menu from the dB since my frustrations about seeing it were driving me crazy. Now I only have a blank K2 screen. K2 isn't used on this site as far as I can tell.

I was starting to play with ACL but have gone in and replaced changes in dB as far as I can tell.  I have gone into the dB and set view to 8 for special which was changed, but it did no good getting rid of the K2 screen.

How can I get my original admin back?? I can't do anything on the site for creation without the access to the toolbars and menus.

Call or e-mail - I'm willing to work through this with you.  xxx-xxx-xxxor***@******.***


Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Joomla